New iPhones and iOS 7 finally ripen

Apple sold about 9 million new iPhone 5s and 5c models within three days of their launch, a
streak that broke records and reassured customers about Apple’s ability to design innovative
products and revamp the old ones.

“This is our best iPhone launch yet,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “The demand for the new

iPhones has been incredible.”

Visually, the iPhone 5s looks almost identical to the iPhone 5, apart from the new colors and the
silver ring around the home button. Do not let that fool you, however; this phone and the iOS 7
are a big step forward for Apple, even if the changes are not immediately obvious.

The most significant update in the iPhone 5s is the security features. The phone’s home button
now comes with a fingerprint sensor called Touch ID. Users need to activate the feature and can
use it to access their phone without entering a password. The scanner works well and requires
little effort, and users can set up the phone to recognize up to five different prints.
The camera is also worth mentioning, as it now has an increased pixel, aperture and sensor size.

It also adds image stabilization to reduce blur from moving hands and subjects, as well as a slow-motion mode that captures 120 frames per second. The iPhone 5s has all of the things you need
in a mobile camera and phone, but more importantly, all of its features add practical value. They
are not clutter.

The biggest improvements Apple has made are in the iOS 7. It comes on both new iPhones and
as a free upgrade for recent mobile iOS devices. It is the most sweeping makeover Apple has
ever given its mobile devices, and it performs fantastically.

The new operating system strips down everything that the original iOS design had back when
Steve Jobs premiered the first iPhone model. This version is clean, new, and has a polished and
minimalist feel. It is far more visually appealing than older versions. The black text, simple
colors, and lots of white space add to the minimal look, while most of the new glamour is shown
through the new animations and transparency effects.

Technically, the iOS 7 delivers a plethora of new, helpful features, such as Instagram-style filters
built into the camera app, a cleaner looking notification center, and a control center activated by
swiping up from the bottom of the screen, similar to the features found on Android phones.
The new features do require a bit of learning, but the results are worth it. If students are looking
to upgrade to iOS 7, it is a good idea to set aside some time to get familiar with the system.

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