Angelo “The Godfather” Cimity, 1953-2016

Longtime Los Angeles Valley College athletic trainer passes away.

By Jamie Garcia, Special to the Star

Senior athletic trainer Angelo Cimity passed away at the age of 63, on September 27, 2016.

It was an early Thursday morning when Cimity began to experience chest pains.  His eldest son, Nick Cimity, and wife, Barbara Cimity, called 911. Paramedics came to Cimity’s house where they spent around 35 minutes trying to revive him. It was later found that his cause of death was a blood clot. A memorial service was held for him at Pierce Brothers in Westlake Village on October 14.

“It was great,” Lu Grella, the LAVC athletic secretary and friend of Cimity, said of the memorial.  “It was really… you know, not a lot of people talked but it was nice and sweet. He was also an amazing father, amazing husband, amazing friend, and coworker.”

Having worked at Valley for 30 plus years as an athletic trainer, many of his friends and colleagues have said that he was a very hardworking man who truly loved his job and cared for the athletes very much. He made the tough calls when he needed to but it was all to benefit the athletes. His job as an athletic trainer was dealing with the athletes’ insurance and making sure that the athletes were recovering well so they could participate in future games. Cimity was very protective of the athletes.

“His bedside manner was such that he came right at the problem,” said Dale Beck, a former sports information director who was a close friend of Cimity.

Cimity really enjoyed attending aircraft shows with Beck and also enjoyed cooking Italian food. Cimity had two sides to him, he was very serious about his work but with friends he could go on for hours and tell you stories about his time in college or how he served in the army. He enjoyed cooking so much that during Christmas time he would give his friends homemade pasta sauce.

Dennis Mestas, who is also an athletic trainer at Los Angeles Valley College, worked with Cimity since 2008. They were good friends and colleagues. Cimity was known as ‘The Godfather” around the training room. Cimity did a lot for the athletic training program throughout his 30 plus years, he built the program and he was also a part of a number of committees. Cimity also was a part of helping build our Monarch Athletics Center. Cimity was a pillar of Los Angeles Valley College.

“ He was a California Community College Athletic Trainer legend,” Mestas said.

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