An athlete with prep in his step

CAMPUS STYLE – Endurance runner is ahead of the fashion game thanks to his cosmetologist parents.

By Monessa Chahayed, Online Editor

Eighteen-year-old Gabriel Herrera’s wardrobe is the perfect blend of prep and urban.

The biology major hopes to get into the clinical nutrition field. But for now, the endurance runner spends 6-10 hours on the track, practicing with Valley’s track team. Next semester he will be running cross country for Valley. When the spontaneous Herrera is not running track, he loves going on adventures with his friends.

“I don’t like to plan something, I just like exploring and finding something to do myself,” he said.

Since age 5, Herrera has been a test dummy for his cosmetologist parents – proud owners of Rosy’s Hair and Faces. They have been trying out the latest products and hairstyles on their son; they make sure he is on top of the latest trends, which he is grateful for.

“I’m always in the know with hair and fashion trends … I grew up with it,” he said. “My parents are always telling me to stand out.”

Today, Herrera wears a Lucky Brand light denim button up, American Eagle khaki shorts and a Gap charcoal grey beanie with a thrifted maroon and brown leather backpack. Compared to the rest of his outfit, the Lucky Brand shirt was the most expensive at $90. He will splurge on an expensive piece every so often if he likes it enough.

“It’s one of those things where I saw it was too expensive, but why not?” he said. “It was the first paycheck I got from working, I thought I might as well go big.”

Herrera will also try to save money at thrift stores such as Salvation Army, where he scored his canvas backpack for under $20. However, his favorite stories are Urban Outfitters and American Eagle. Influenced by the old-school 80’s R&B style, his wardrobe consists of red, black, tribal print and denim pieces.

“I can go from really preppy to urban. I have a lot of denim, a lot of prep shorts,” he said.

Although Herrera might not follow in his parents’ footsteps as far as cosmetology is concerned, he has learned valuable skills, which will stick with him.

“They made me work at a young age. They taught me accounting stuff. I became good with numbers,” he said.

Herrera cannot live without his three pairs of classic high top Converse. He also loves trying out new looks with jewelry and other accessories.

“I love to experiment with bracelets, rings, fedoras and snapbacks,” he said. “And I do it to add a little extra flair to my outfit. I see it kind of like adding an extra ingredient to a recipe.”

SPOTTED! - Gabriel Herrera looks cool and casual in denim and khaki.Ariane Azar / Photographer

SPOTTED! – Gabriel Herrera looks cool and casual in denim and khaki.

Gabriel Herrera Likes:
Music: Diplo, Bon Iver
TV Shows: Bates Motel, Walking Dead
Idols: Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth
Interests: Cross Country, Soccer


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