America and its holy war on sex

America on a mission to “rescue” sex workers.

By Julien J. Metzmeyer, Opinion Editor

TV producers found another way to make money off the back of innocent people with a new TV reality show that is programmed to be launched later on this year. Their new targets are sex workers whom supposedly need to be “rescued” in that America’s fantasy where prostitution can be eradicate and where sex is seen as bad, evil, and dirty.

A&E Network ordered eight episodes of the show that is called “8 Minutes.” Ex-cop turned pastor Kevin Brown will be representing himself as a client and meet with a prostitute where he would have 8 minutes to convince her to quit her job. If the woman decides to walk out of prostitution she’s brought to a safe house and later removed from the state.

Brown spent 20 years as a police officer on patrol in Santa Ana where he sent many innocent women to jail for prostitution. Now that he found Jesus he wants to “rescue” them. He used to interfere in sex worker’s lives by arresting them now he just interferes in their lives by ambushing them with cameras. Either way, he can’t seem to leave them alone.

Lane Champagne, a community organizer for Sex Workers Outreach Project New York City (SWOP-NYC), attacked the Executive Producer Tom Forman during an interview for, “The fact that [Forman] is using someone who has a religious platform and a prior experience in law enforcement is indicative of the fact that they are more interested in the moralistic elements of this rather than the “rescued” human being that they are alleging to help.”

Who said anyway that sex workers need to be “rescued”? Nobody asked Kevin Brown and his Christian volunteers, called Safe Passage OC for help.

Kaelie Laochra, a sex worker who runs the popular Respect Sex Work Twitter Account, wrote in an email interview for the, “Some of the creepiest and most disgusting people I’ve ever spoken with were people trying to save me. I feel good about myself with most of my clients. It’s only when people come in trying to guilt or shame me that I feel disgusting.”

This is the hypocrisy of America at its best. A country where you can legally go into an establishment and pay a stripper to dance. A country where you can legally pay for pornographic movies. Buying a diamond for a girl who will probably end up having sex with you to thank you- but giving money directly to a girl for sexual favors is illegal and immoral, according to America.

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the whole world and has yet to go away. It is a victimless crime only made dangerous as a result of its unregulated status and the fact that prostitutes can’t turn to authorities for help when exposed to violence or other criminal acts.

Ariel Wolf, a community organizer with the Red Umbrella Project (RedUP), told “Sex workers generally tend to fear the cops more than they do their own clients, because most of us know someone who has been raped or assaulted by a police officer.”

Brown lives in a fantasy where America has no unsafe homes, over-priced and over-policed schools, jobs that barely cover the expense of getting there shift after shift, or jails or shelters they have already been sentenced to or escaped from. So the last thing these women need is some guy to bring in a camera and talk to them about their decisions.

Many sex workers are trying to prevent Brown’s self-congratulatory efforts from ever landing on television. A petition asking A&E to drop the show is making the rounds online.

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