Active shooter drill scheduled for Valley

Valley students should prepare for a campus-wide drill.

By Lonnie Dominguez, Staff Writer

Students who are on the Valley College campus at noon and 5 p.m. March 28 and 29, will need to stop, stay in place, and listen to any directions given to them as part of the campus-wide active shooter drill.

As part of the ongoing security precautions at Valley, the Administrative Services in conjunction with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department have scheduled an active shooter drill, which will last for 15 minutes, in order to be prepared for the real thing.

According to Administrative Services, students will receive a text message about 15 minutes before the drill starts and will be required to stay in place wherever they are.  If they are outside,it is recommended that they head into the nearest building or their own car.

The emergency blue phones, located throughout campus, will broadcast a message informing anyone on campus that the drill is commencing.

Faculty, staff, as well as Sheriff’s deputies and cadets, will be around campus during the drill to provide instructions and act as monitors in order to assess readiness.

The drill will also involve the Community Services Center and the Child Development Center and is being conducted with the knowledge of the LAPD and LAFD, who will not be participating, according to the Sheriff’s Department on campus.

The surrounding community, businesses, and Grant High School have been notified but will not take part in the drill.

“The idea is for students to think about what they would do or where they would go while it’s calm versus in the heat of the moment,” said Jennifer Borucki, of Valley College’s Public Relations Office.

Valley College has also scheduled a fire drill for May 10 of this semester.  For more information contact the Valley Sheriff’s Station, located next to the Maintenance and Operations Building, or call at (818)947-2911.

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  1. This is good. Because you NEVER when know when some super stressed, depressed, or suicidal LAVC student or just any San Fernando Valley area resident, may lose it one day and decide to bring a gun(s) to the LAVC campus and then decide to go buckwild with the bullets.

    I wish LAVC would have done something like this when I went there. But it’s all good because when I went there nobody ever decided to come to school and shoot it up. Thank God.

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