Binge watchers beware: Here comes ‘Stranger Things’

The highly popular series ‘Stranger Things’ is Netflix gold.

by Don Harward, staff writer

The complete first season of the unusually entertaining and wildly successful new drama series Stranger Things combines fantastic performances and compelling storytelling so well that Netflix should lead-off each episode with an advisory along the lines of:

WARNING: The following show has been known to cause acute binge watching, viewer discretion is advised.

Industry insider, H B Duran, reported that after being released for only a single week “Stranger Things” took the “most popular digital original series” crown away from the current binge-watch champion, “Orange is the New Black,” while enjoying up to three times the audience demand.

“Stranger Things” is a crime drama with a supernatural twist, set in a sleepy, small town in the early 80s. The story chronicles the events that occur following the abduction of a 12-year-old boy. Soon, other residents begin to disappear, and at the same, a sullen adolescent girl, who calls herself “Eleven” (Millie Bobby Brown), appears in the town, bringing danger to anyone caught trying to help her.

She soon falls in with a misfit crew of the lost boys, who are determined to rescue their friend who is being held captive in an alternate dimension by a demon-beast whom she had unwittingly unleashed upon the world. Elevens’ psychokinetic powers help to even the playing field and give the townsfolk a fighting chance for survival. By the final episode, clever and unexpected plot twists cumulate into a final reckoning that leaves the survivors scared but grateful to be alive.

Created by identical twins, Matt and Ross Duffer (billed as the “Duffer Brothers”) the duo succeeds in capturing the je ne sais quoi of iconic movies such as “Stand by Me” or “The Goonies,” while blending in atmospheric elements reminiscent of early John Carpenter (“Halloween,” “Carrie”) films with uncommon skill.

The series has an almost unprecedented 95 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating from both users and critics (in comparison season one of the Game of Thrones weighs in at 89 percent) and rates the season as a 9.1 out of 10. With the exception of the final 15 minutes of the last episode, the Duffer Brothers cinematic creation is thoroughly enjoyable and a worthy addition to the menu of your next binge-watching adventure.



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