A Monarch Student Is In The Fight For His Life

Perseverance- Ozzy Villazon finds the strength to walk to the window and stare out to see a beautiful sunny day, while at the hospital. Stock Photo

Perseverance- Ozzy Villazon finds the strength to walk to the window, and to look out and see a  beautiful sunny day, while at the hospital.

Multiple Myeloma crashes the life of a Valley student. 

By: Jorge Belon, news editor  

On a chilly Tuesday, April 8, 2014 a San Franciscan native and a Valley College student Osvaldo Villazon’s life changed forever.

After being rushed to the hospital for the second time in five days, the puzzle of my brothers overwhelming back pains was over, he was diagnosed with third stage Multiple Myeloma, The 39-year-old American Film Institute alumnus was hit by cancer that typically only affects African-American men who are in there 70’s. A cruel joke to a man who hardly got sick and who washes his hands countless times a day; but my healthy role model was struck with a cancer that as of now, has no cure.

Even Though science has advanced dramatically since the first patient was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 1884, and patients are now able to live for longer periods with this cancer; it is still a very painful journey to embark on.

This cancer produces abnormal plasma cells, which eventually lead to bone erosion. In the process the immune system gets weaker and the kidneys begins to fail. It is a physically painful process that has made my older brother, who was always athletic, not able to walk without a walker, and when he has to get up it takes time, patience and strength to endure the pain of attempting to just sit up.

It is strange to see this, since he was the person that introduced me to soccer. Kicking the ball anywhere we went, playing for countless hours. Seeing him struggle with this is a pain that my soul has never felt, though what I feel cannot even begin to touch what must run through his mind.

Now I look at the same person who I thought was invincible, struggle to stand. However, even though he may struggle to do the things most people do without effort, I do not see a weak man near his death, but instead I still see a indestructible man, who is carrying himself to the next day and staying the course.

As my brother told me, “A hero must find his journey, it may be rough and long, but Coco you must always continue going, you can never quit.” He told me this many times and most of the time I was too angry, bewildered, or stoned to really comprehend the meaning of his words. I understand those words now. I see Ozzy fight his sickness everyday –he won’t quit. A hero’s journey, he has found a new road, it will be long and dark. Though the land he walks is not a lonely abandoned route. The path he now takes is  filled with the shadows of great people that have come before and the companions of everybody that will follow behind him to wherever this road leads. It was something that they did not choose. A battle they never expected to fight, yet they face with an indomitable spirit.

“I accept what I have,” said my brother, the day he found out he had Multiple Myeloma. “I have it, and now I want to start the road, I do not want to dwell, I just want to start now.”

If you would like to help my brother please visit this site http://www.gofundme.com/8ez1ec and feel free to send a donation or spread the word to end this horrible cancer.



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