A “Helping Hand” for parched skin

COSMETICS REVIEW: LUSH’s “Helping Hands” moisturizing cream

By Camila Tabar, Staff Writer 

LUSH’s Helping Hands proves to be a soothing remedy for cracked knuckles and perpetually dry palms. Just shy of a miracle, after a week of use, parched hands will find themselves completely transformed.

Without the residue or stickiness of most extra-strength moisturizers, Helping Hands delivers the same, if not better, results with a cleaner feel. Priced at $18.95 for 3.5 ounces, it also serves as a wallet-friendly alternative to high-end products like Aveda’s $22 Hand Relief or Lancome’s $45 Absolute Hand.

However, while the results are undeniable, the odor is more of an acquired taste. Helping Hands uses a potent combination of lavender and African marigold oils to create a very distinct scent. LUSH is known for their mixes of natural herbs and oils, but sometimes these ingredients smell a little more like swap-meet incense than fresh lavender. Pungent and indiscreet, the overtly feminine, floral smell will most likely interfere with any perfume or cologne.

Over time, the fragrance becomes for the most part tolerable, if not enjoyable, but that will surely vary from person to person. Regardless, it is a necessity for those who hope to weather the dry climate ahead, and definitely worth a shot for anyone who washes their hands with harsh antiseptics.

For eco-advocates and animal-lovers alike, LUSH is a proud advocate of recycling and animal rights. Most of their containers (all the black pots) are made from 100 percent recycled material, while the rest can be returned to be recycled after use. If customers bring back five clean LUSH pots, they can even receive a free fresh facemask. Also, in solidarity with the fight against animal testing in cosmetics, all of their products are vegetarian and proudly display a “Fighting Animal Testing” logo.

Those who wish to purchase Helping Hands, or any other LUSH products, or just want to learn more, may visit http://www.lushusa.com

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