Movie night deals for October

AMC Theatres has a special offer for members this month.

By Savannah Simmons, Staff Writer

If you enjoy movies without breaking the bank, then AMC Theatres is your new Tuesday hangout.

Movie theater prices have reached an all-time high, costing you an average $11 on any given day, and that doesn’t count the popcorn.

“Always make the audience suffer as much as possible,” said the late Alfred Hitchcock, who had no way of anticipating AMC’s Tuesday deals.

For the month of October, AMC Theatres will be hosting $5 Ticket Tuesday’ for

members of their Stubs Insiders program at the box office.

Becoming a Stubs Insider is free and will get you exclusive offers, rewards, and coupons for amenities like popcorn.

With flicks like Blade Runner 2049, It (2017), and Jigsaw, the latest in the Saw series coming to theaters on Oct 27, there is no better time to hit the red-recliner seats of AMC.

October has also introduced more comedic titles such Boo 2! A Madea Halloween for those seeking a different kind of screaming.

Another advantage of the deal is the $5 Cameo Combo. The combo will get you one 21-ounce fountain drink and a cameo-sized popcorn for $5. All you have to do is go to, print the coupon, and show it to the cashier.

AMC has historically provided better deals than its competitors like Pacific Theatres who only offers a $3 discount on movies before noon.

If you are looking for more rewards at the theater, Stubs Premiere is an upgrade for $15 a year that allows members to earn points five times faster than Insiders as well as better offers on concession items.

There are few more Tuesdays left in the month of October, so sign up soon for the program, grab some friends and head down to the local AMC for a fun, affordable outing.

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