Sung brings passion and experience to Valley training team

Valley gets a new athletic trainer who is ready for the new year.

By Savannah Simmons

 Working through multiple concussions as a teen, Jon Sung developed an interest in the practice of sports medicine and became an athletic trainer to help others.

 “It’s a lot of work; they keep me busy and running around all the time,” said Sung, talking about the football players whose season just started. “But they’re all great guys.”

 Sung is the newest member of Valley College’s athletic training team, coming from his previous post at Chapman University where he also served as an athletic trainer.

Athletic trainers help prevent injuries on the field and lead athletes through recovery when they are injured.

As a teenager, Sung played football and suffered three concussions, which required him to receive multiple treatments from his high-school trainers.

 Sung gained experience during his time at Esperanza High School in Orange County. At Esperanza he learned from Chapman University trainers, and then later earned his bachelor’s degree from Chapman University, and then his master’s from the University of Florida in sports medicine.

 Sung has interned for the NFL’s 49ers and recently traveled to Mexico with the USA Women’s Volleyball Team.

 “That one was the last off my list,” said Sung, making a check mark through the air. “I’ve [worked with] high school, community college, university, NFL players, and now an Olympic team.”

 With Sung’s experience in working for different types of teams, he says he likes community college the best.

 Out of all the sports, football is Sung’s favorite because he genuinely loves the game but basketball and water polo are his favorite to train due to the fast-paced nature.

 In an athletic training room, many different athletes with different personalities are constantly bustling in and out. Sung enjoys the array of students, and if you take a peek into Valley’s training room, you can see him smiling while helping a number of athletes around him.

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